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Molly fish are characterized by a lot of variety, making them a popular choice for tropical freshwater aquaria. They’re a livebearer species that requires a spacious tank with temperature-controlled water to avoid sudden and dramatic temperature fluctuations. In this article, I’m going to go over the most common types of molly fish to give. Molly fish can live in salt water, too and in a few cases, experienced aquarists even suggest putting some salt into the tank water purposefully. This won’t hurt the molly fish, yet it is important to bear in mind that most tank mates for molly fish would not be able to survive high levels of salt in the tank water. Molly Fish, as a whole, are capable of adapting to various salt water levels as long as the salt levels change gradually rather than drastically. If Black Molly Fish are going to be used in a freshwater aquarium, then they will require a small amount of aquarium salt. Molly fish is a live-breeder just like guppy, which means that the juveniles are spawned into the tank being completely formed and they skip the egg stage. You don’t need any special conditions for black molly fish breeding. It’s quite enough to keep males and females together in a common tank. The molly fish is one of freshwater fish species. The molly fish is friendly so they are suitable to be in the same aquarium community fish. They are do not need some big aquarium, because they grow up till 12 centimeters maximum size.

Molly Fish Lifespan. These fish have an average lifespan of about five years and typically get to be large around 4 inches. Molly’s are very social fish, so it’s usually recommended that you get at least four preferably more for your tank. Molly fish breed easily and frequently, but they aren’t fish that will continue caring for their fry after they’re born. In fact, adult mollies most often end up abandoning or even eating their fry. If you want baby mollies to survive, you’ll need to care for them yourself by separating them from adult fish and. There’s no secret that molly fish love to eat and, to be honest, feeding time is one of my favorite moments with my molly fish. Their great appetite and liveliness always put a smile on my face. If you’ve never kept mollies before and you’re planning to, this article will answer all your molly fish. 3: Dalmatian Molly. well known by the names of Marbled Sailfin Molly Fish or Marbled Molly Fish. They have white and black scale patterns. It requires a 30-gallon tank for them because they enjoy living in heavily planted tanks. Their appetites include algae-based flake food, brine shrimp, freeze-dried bloodworms, and tubifex. All Molly varieties may differ in appearance and size but the ways of breeding, caring and compatibility for all of them are always leveled the same. The Molly fish is distinguished easily because of its elongated body that is a bit flattened from the sides, having relatively larger eyes and upward mouth.

The Amazon molly is a very bizarre fish. The species is for all practical purposes female, but females mate with males from other molly species as and when the opportunity arises. Fertilisation doesn’t occur, and after mating all the male’s sperm does is trigger the development of the female’s eggs.

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